Saturday, March 19, 2011

You know the half...

The half of the oreo cookie without the cream on it.  You are not half of anything.  You are whole and complete just as God made you.  Now let me tell you I am a sucker for a sappy movie and a sappy line every time.  I literally gasped out loud the 1st time I saw Jerry McGuire and heard the whole...You complete me and you had me at hello line.   I remember thinking... I want my soul mate that completes me.  (Where is he darn it?)  Little did I know I was completed and whole in Christ.  NO human being on the planet can complete you, or meet all your needs.  It just is not possible.  God says in Colossians 2:10 "In Christ we have been made complete."    The 1st step in being joyful, content Christian Singles is knowing I am complete in Christ.  He completes one else!  Now if you don't feel very complete, it's time to take it to God.  He will show you the way but you have to GO to Him!  

* Half a cookie illustration was inspired by The Power and Purpose of Singleness by Michael Cavanaugh 


  1. The first step to being JOYFUL and content, period, is knowing I am complete in Christ. It is fun to have that GODLY imperfect man to share joys with and God may grant you that some day...but whether he does or not you are exactly right!!! He completes me too! ;-). How many times have I, or Phil for that matter, been disappointed as we rely on one another to fill those spots in our hearts and lives that ONLY GOD can fill! So much disappointmentment yet when we surrender our lives as His princesses, He fullfills every need and finally we can really enjoy the other person! This can be applied to all types Of friendships. How often in
    our weakness do we expect our friends to be more than they can be for
    us...recently I realized that Phil (everyone really) is not MINE,MINE,MINE! He
    really is a son of the One True Living God...who am I to get in the way of God's
    plan for job is to love him with the love only Christ can give, support
    him as he surrenders his life to the Lord and enjoy him while he is here with me! Tiersa, you are an amazing, unrepeatable miracle of God...What a special friend you have always been to me and I looked forward to reading more of your thoughts and your continued grow in your love for the Lord!!! Love you!

  2. Shan,
    Thanks for the post...and exactly right. Married or not God is the only one who completes us. I truly feel once we know this and except it...heck, revel in it...we have total joy and contentment in all circumstances. You aren't looking to anyone else to fix us or make us happy. I am so happy for you and Phil and your amazing family. You two are tremendous life mates. Thanks for being the best life long friend a girl could ask for. You always inspired me! Love ya!